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PREMIUM Excel Butterworth and Moving Average bundle


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The premium version of the Butterworth Filter software for Excel.

Includes the advance version of the tool to be able to apply both a butterworth filter and a moving average to you noisy data.

It enables you to be able to easily and quickly tweak the smoothing settings via a userform and slider.

The results for both smoothing approaches are plotted together with the raw data to enable assessment of the best settings.

This bundle also includes;

  • both of the standalone apps,
  • some raw test data to get you going.
  • ALL the VBA code unlocked (the LITE versions have the code protected)
  • This comes with a detailed behind the scenes video tour of the way the app is built,
  • together with explaination of how the VBA code could be used to inspire your own projects.
  • sample data to try
  • this standalone Butterworth Filtering LITE tool, and
  • the standalone Moving Average LITE tool.


  • Windows EXCEL ONLY
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